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    TPHS Alumni in College

     * Currently active

     Alayna Tomlinson - William & Mary (TPHS '15)
     Alie Zimmer - University of California (TPHS '14) *
    Madison Cohen - UC Davis (TPHS '14) *
    Grace Trupe - Western New England University (TPHS '14) *
     Kristen Buchanan - Ohio University (TPHS '13) *
     Hannah Bettencourt - University of the Pacific (TPHS '12) *
    Molly Bettencourt - University of the Pacific (TPHS '12) *
    Erica Cohen - UC Davis (TPHS '12) *
    Brittany Norfleet - Tufts University (played at TPHS 08-09) *
    Sophie Edelman - UC Davis (TPHS '11)
     Stephie Sabraw - UC Davis (TPHS '11) *
    Caitlin Mackey - MIT (TPHS '11) *
    Heather Schlesier - Yale University (TPHS '11) *
     Chelsea Yogerst - Tufts University (TPHS '10)
    Stephanie Cowles - Hofstra University (TPHS '10)
    Kendra Bills - University of California (TPHS '09)
    Sheridan Edwards - Kent State University (TPHS '09)
    Ashlee Schlesier - University of the Pacific (UOP) (TPHS '09)
    Paige Simmons - Columbia University (TPHS '09)
    Christi Barwick - University of Michigan (TPHS '07)
    Katie Griswold - Indiana University (TPHS '07)
    Megan Psyllos - University of California (TPHS '07)
    Johnna Simoes - Bucknell (TPHS '07)
    Audrey Brand - University of the Pacific (UOP) (TPHS '06)
    Danielle Neault - University of the Pacific (UOP) (TPHS '05)
    Jessica Reading - Miami University (TPHS '05)
    Heather Wiley - University of Michigan (TPHS '05)
    Tami Becker - Boston University (TPHS '04)
    Missy Briery - University of Louisville (TPHS '04)
    Laura Cosan - Colombia University (TPHS '03)
    Jessica Javelet - University of Louisville (TPHS '03)
     Cara Lopresti - Duke (TPHS '03)
    Ashley Pernicano - Michigan State (TPHS '03)
    Haley Scott - Wake Forest (TPHS '03)
    Tracey Scott - Wake Forest (TPHS '03)
     Ashley Hanson - University of North Carolina (TPHS '92)
    Peggy Mannen - University of California (TPHS '92)
    Michal "Kalli" Hose - University of Michigan (TPHS '90)
    Yaell "Lelli" Hose - University of Michigan (TPHS '90)

The Early History of Torrey Pines Field Hockey

By Ashley Hanson
(TPHS 92 and North Carolina 96)

As far as I know, Kalli Hose and her sister Lelli Hose put TPHS on the national map for Division 1 field hockey by venturing East out of California to play at the University of Michigan. They introduced a bunch of us soccer players to the sport and we all joined the team through their encouragement in the fall of 1989 (my sophomore year; the others were juniors and seniors). Therein began soccer as a feeder sport into high school field hockey at TPHS.

The person who first put San Diego on the national map for Division 1 would probably have been Serra High player Kris Fillat (1988), who played on the U.S. National Team and for the University of Iowa.  Barb Hansen, who played at Serra with Kris and was a few years younger (1991), got invited to play in national camps and the Junior Olympics like Kris, Kalli, and Lelli did. 

When Barb graduated a few years after Kris, she was recruited to play at University of North Carolina.  I played with Barb on the West Regional team when we were in high school and she and I were in the first class of participants of the "Futures" (Olympic Development) Program. When Barb was scouted, I also got noticed and that is how I landed at UNC in the following year.

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